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What is a Computed tomography scan CT?

Computed tomography (CT) or more commonly known as CT or scanner, is a diagnostic test that uses X-rays to create images of the scanned area from sections or cuts that later have to be processed by computer.

Pay a deposit of 10,00 per item
Deposit of: 10,00
Medical center / Specialist: Grup Manchón

What is a Computed tomography scan CT?


It is a painless procedure that uses contrast sometimes iodine administered intravenously. Its duration is variable depending on the type of scan to perform.

Unlike magnetic resonance imaging, positron emitting X-rays are absorbed by the body. The different density of each tissue that absorption varies. Thus, higher density, such as bones absorb more radiation. How muscle tissue, fat or viscera absorb less amount. These differences in absorption result in different shades of black of each tissue in the radiological study and white.

Preparation for the test will be indicated in each case by the doctor, especially if a contrast examination which is required prior fasting is done.

The CT scan is very useful for the staging of various cancers, such as those affecting the cranial area, such as breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer. It is also useful for planning radiotherapy treatments by using three-dimensional images.



  • Reservation: 10,00 EUROS (included in the total amount).
  • Amount: 75.00 EUROS


  • Radiological study and report.


  • Complications of exploration.
  • Contrast 50 €


  • Payment of the reservation can access the service described within three months.


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