Stress assessment

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Stress is a physiological mechanism that is triggered when a person perceives a situation as threatening and requires the mobilization of physical or mental resources to cope. Punctual levels of stress in daily life are not considered harmful, but a stressful situation maintained over time can seriously affect health.

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In stressful situations the body produces cortisol, a hormone that prepares the body to cope with a specific stress situation; But sustained cortisol production negatively affects the immune system. To compensate for this situation, the body secretes a hormone (DHEA), which compensates for the harmful effect of cortisol. However, if the effect is very prolonged, a situation of physiological exhaustion (adrenal exhaustion) is reached.

What is the test?

The Stress Assessment test allows you to compare cortisol and DHEA levels with normal values, providing information about the stress phase in which the individual is.

Who is it for?

This test is especially indicated for:

  • People with symptoms associated with stress
  • People with excessive workload syndrome
  • People with professional exhaustion syndrome
  • People who wish to proactively manage their health


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