Early detection of colon cancer in blood


The incidence of colon cancer in Spain exceeds 30,000 new cases per year, affecting both men and women, constituting the second cause of cancer death in both sexes.

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Septina Test9

Septina9 is a test that allows the early detection of colon cancer through a simple blood sample. The test does not require preparation, so it is not necessary to follow a specific diet or fasting. It presents a high sensitivity and specificity and detects the different types of colorectal cancer, regardless of their location. The sample for the performance of Septina9 is easily repeatable annually or biennially, which improves adherence by the patient to colon cancer screening programs. Septina9 is the only screening test for colorectal cancer in blood that is marked ΣE and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

The analysis is indicated in:

Men and women over 50 years of age, who do not have other risk factors for colorectal cancer.
Analysis in pregnant women is not advised, because pregnancy may alter the result. The analysis does not replace the performance of colonoscopy, which remains the diagnostic test indicated for the identification of colon cancer and for the follow-up of people with personal and / or family history of the disease.


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