Test of food intolerance to more than 200 foods


The A200 test evaluates the immune system’s response to more than 200 foods in the Mediterranean diet. When there is high reactivity or hypersensitivity to a particular food, it is advisable to limit its consumption or temporarily eliminate it from the diet.

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Medical center / Specialist: Synlab Diagnósticos Globales

What is a food intolerance test?

The test evaluates food hypersensitivity through blood detection of IgG-like antibodies produced by the Person against the protein of food. IgG antibodies are responsible for the delayed immune reaction and the Symptomatology associated with hypersensitivity. People who have a high IgG level Food, and include it in their diet, may present diverse, moderate and chronic symptomatology, this may be more severe if the person presents predisposing factors such as altered gastrointestinal health or immune system.

Elimination of the diet from foods versus those with hypersensitivity (elevated IgG levels) provides a marked improvement in a high percentage of patients (approximately 75%).

The study of food hypersensitivity through the study of  IgG antibodies is the only methodology endorsed by an extensive Number of scientific publications.


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the performance of the test and its report is included.


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