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Sleep is a fundamental and necessary activity to restore our basic physical and psychological balance. Its regulation depends largely on the production of melatonin, a hormone that acts as a sleep inducer and, in addition, is part of the group of signals that regulate the circadian rhythm or biological rhythm.

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Lack of sleep and melatonin can affect:

Our health: melatonin promotes the activity and development of immune cells. In addition, it is capable of neutralizing free radicals, activating certain antioxidant enzymes and inhibiting others with prooxidant action, which is why it is crucial for the prevention of oxidative stress and aging. On the other hand, sleep disturbances promote the risk of cardiovascular disease or obesity, among others.

Our performance: lack of sleep influences our level of concentration, productivity and reflexes; It can cause fatigue.

Our mood: the accumulated fatigue due to lack of sleep can cause greater irritability or mood swings in the person who suffers from it.

What is the test?

The Sleep Alterations test allows melatonin levels to be determined in saliva at different times of the night and can detect any deviation from the normal level, both at times and in intensity. With this, it can be observed whether or not the production of melatonin is sufficient for sleep conciliation.

Who is it for?

This test is especially indicated for:

  • People with sleep disturbances
  • People with rotational changes in work schedules that present sleep disturbances
  • People with long-term stress, depression or professional burnout syndrome
  • People who travel frequently (jet-lag)

People who want to proactively manage their health, from 40 years.


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