High Field Resonance Imaging in Barcelona


High-field MRI is a diagnostic test that can obtain higher quality images because it has more power than other MRI machines. In this way, high-field MRI can detect smaller lesions and clearly see internal organs and areas of previous surgery.

You can book the High Field MRI in our Medical Centers in Barcelona and Sant Cugat indicating the area of the body on which you need to make the medical test:

  • Abdominal(Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney or Bladder)
  • Cerebral (Pituitary)
  • Spine(Cervical, Dorsal or Lumbar)
  • Thorax (Lungs or Heart)
Medical prescription required

Online medical appointment booking within 24 hours

Pay a deposit of 10,00 per item

Deposit of: 10,00
Medical center / Specialist: Grup Manchón

What is a High Field MRI?

The tubular structure of the high-field resonance allows concentrating the magnetic field in a more efficient way, offering higher quality images.
It should be clear that for a clear view of internal organs and surgical areas, the best option is almost always a high-field MRI, which can be an open or closed machine depending on the center you are examining. To find out, you should first contact the center to inform them that you prefer a high-field open MRI to a closed MRI.

Duration of the test

20 to 45 minutes

Service amount

  • Reservation: 10.00€ (included in the total amount)
  • Cost: from 120,00€ (depending on body area)

is included

  • Radiological study and report.

is not included

  • Contrast.

Conditions of service

The payment of the reservation allows access to the service described within a period of three months.
It is essential to provide a medical prescription with specific guidance from the physician.

You will receivea phone call to confirm the place, day and time of the test.

  • Our Medical Centers in Barcelona: Balmes, 125. 08008 | Avda. Tibidabo, 9. 08022 | Avda. Meridiana, 327. 08027
  • Our Medical Center in Sant Cugat del Vallès: C/ Sant Jordi 33-35. 08172 Sant Cugat


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