Echocardiogram + cardiologist visit Barcelona

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Privaclinic offers you the possibility of performing an echocardiogram performed by Dr. Román Freixa, a specialist in cardiology.

Pay a deposit of 20,00 per item
Deposit of: 20,00

What is an echocardiogram for?

Using an ultrasound wave emitter that is placed on the chest wall, images of different planes of the heart are obtained by assessing the size of the heart chambers and their thickness. It allows to discover structural alterations in the heart.

Is included

  • Cardiology assessment visit by a cardiology specialist.
  • Echocardiogram.

Service amount

  • Reservation: 20.00 EUROS (included in the total amount)
  • Amount: 170.00 EUROS

Conditions of service

The payment of the reservation allows access to the service described within a period of three months.


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