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La artroscopia de rodilla es un procedimiento sencillo que se lleva a cabo de forma ambulatoria, por el Dr. José Manuel Méndez, especialista en Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología. Se realiza en la Clínica del Remei, uno de los Centros Hospitalarios Privados con más experiencia en Barcelona y equipado con la última tecnología.

Pay a deposit of 20,00 per item
Deposit of: 20,00
Medical center / Specialist: Gabriel Pérez Zambrana

Service description:

The psychologist is a professional in the field of health, and as such, is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of the different psychological problems that can occur in children or adults.

Nowadays, the number of people, especially adolescents, who have dependency difficulties or addiction to so-called new technologies, which includes mobile phones, internet, social networks and video games, is increasing. We offer you a pack of 3 psychology sessions to carry out an evaluation, establish a diagnosis and propose a treatment, if necessary.

Many times, the person needs information to know if their use of new technologies is normal, risky or already represents a difficulty. Some symptoms of addiction are loss of control, the need to perform the behavior, or increased anxiety when the behavior cannot be carried out.

Service amount

  • Reservation: 20.00 EUROS (included in the total amount)
  • Amount: 170.00 EUROS

Is included

3 psychology sessions, 45 minutes long each.

Not included

Visits or other tests not contemplated in the description of the service.

Conditions of service

The payment of the reservation allows access to the service described within a period of three months.


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