Hemorrhoid surgery


Hemorrhoid surgery is a surgical technique that is performed on an outpatient basis. It is a common surgical procedure of general surgery. The surgery team at Hospital de San Rafael is a benchmark in General and Digestive Surgery with proven professional experience.

Pay a deposit of 20,00 per item
Deposit of: 20,00
Medical center / Specialist: Hospital San Rafael

What are hemorrhoids?

They are varicose lesions of the anus or rectum that can be secondary to pregnancy, childbirth, constipation, … among others. The usual symptoms are bleeding, itching, pain when sitting or during defecation, among others.

When is hemorrhoid surgery performed?
In those cases in which conservative medical treatment does not improve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, the patient will be evaluated surgically by removing the existing lesion.


  • Reservation: 20.00 EUROS (included in the total amount).
  • Amount: 1,915.00 EUROS

Is included

  • First evaluation visit prior to the intervention by a specialist doctor.
  • Study and preoperative tests.
  • Visit with anesthesiologist.
  • Operating room and general anesthesia.
  • Material and medication.
  • Surgery without admission.
  • Postoperative visits until discharge of the patient.

Not included

Possible complications to the contracted surgical process (more days of admission, extra medication, …).

Conditions of service

The payment of the reservation allows access to the service described within a period of three months.


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