Currently there are more and more people who have digestive discomfort caused after ingestion of certain foods. The foods that most frequently relate to these digestive discomforts are foods derived from cereals and dairy products.

The INTOLERANCE2 test allows to know in a single analysis if there is a genetic predisposition to celiac disease and / or primary lactose intolerance.

Who is it for?

INTOLERANCE2 is spatially indicated for:

People with clinical suspicion of celiac disease and negative serological study, before performing the biopsy
People with positive celiac disease serology who reject the biopsy
People with symptoms compatible with celiac disease
People with symptoms compatible with lactose intolerance.

The INTOLERANCE2 test requires a sample of oral scraping for its realization. In the kit you will find a device that will allow you to obtain the sample easily.


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Amount: € 95

The payment of the reservation allows access to the service described within three months.

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