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DNA testing to determine personal genetic identity.

The genetic fingerprint is a kind of bar code for each person, which enables the genetic identification of individuals as well as the analysis of biological kinship relationships.

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DNA contains the genetic information of each person and is present in all our cells. The DNA of each individual is the same from conception to death, and even post-mortem (as long as the individual has not been cremated). DNA is received in equal parts of our parents, the combination of DNA we receive unique for each individual, except for identical twins, which have the same genetic fingerprint.

Genetic fingerprinting is the most reliable method today for identifying individuals, being used by police and forensic laboratories around the world.


Genetic fingerprint analysis may be of great interest in the following circumstances, for person identification or certification of biological relationships:

  • Wills and inheritances
  • Family Incineration
  • Persons with hazardous occupations (military, NGO staff, etc.)
  • Newborns after birth
  • Adopted offspring
  • Offspring obtained by assisted reproduction techniques


It is not necessary to be fasting or special preparation.
Sample: whole blood EDTA or blood stain.
Documentation: General petitioner, informed consent, supporting documents and chain of custody.

Advantages of Genetic Footprint Analysis

In many cases, genetic identity in relation to a person’s biological kinship is determined from the genetic fingerprints of their parents or other relatives, not being practicable in situations such as adoption, donation of gametes or embryos, or lack Access to parents.

In addition, obtaining the genetic fingerprint of the newborn at the time of delivery makes it possible to identify it unequivocally. Different studies reveal that dermatoglyphic footprints are not the best method for neonatal identification when compared to footprints taken 5-6 weeks after birth.

The genetic footprint is also of interest to those who wish to file it for future uses, which are expected to be absent (wills, inheritance, etc.).

Since the DNA of each individual is the same throughout his life, it is only necessary to perform the analysis once.


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