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In Privaclinic we offer you a gynecological examination at a single price that includes performing basic tests. The gynecological examination is a simple procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis by a team of specialists in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

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Medical center / Specialist: Brugués Assitencial Sant Adrià del Besòs


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What is the gynecological examination?

The gynecological examination is a simple procedure performed on an outpatient basis. The gynecological examination offered Privaclinic includes the first visit by the specialist in gynecology, gynecological examination, cytology and ultrasound.

What procedures are performed in the gynecological examination?

In a visit gynecological examination, gynecological examination, cytology and gynecological ultrasound is done.

To perform a gynecological examination, the doctor will ask you to lie on your back on a mat with your knees bent. Generally heels resting on supports of metal called estribos.El doctor first examines the external genitalia to make sure they are normal: no ulcers, discoloration, or swelling. Then follows an internal review. To see the inside of the walls of the vagina and cervix, the doctor inserts an instrument called a speculum to hold separate vaginal walls, and then directs a light inward for lesions, swelling, signs of abnormal discharge or anything else unusual.

At the time of the internal review, it will also perform cytology. Pap is a screening test for cervical cancer. The cells scraped from the opening of the cervix is ​​examined under a microscope. The cervix is ​​the lower part of the uterus (womb) that opens at the top of the vagina.

Gynecologic ultrasound is a medical test performed by an ultrasound wave emitter that is applied to the scanned area, high frequency waves are applied recovering the echo they produce, being transformed into computer images by processing them. Gynecologic ultrasound is a procedure commonly used in the gynecological examination and allows us to study in detail the state of the uterus and ovaries.


  • Visit.
  • gynecological examination.
  • Cytology.
  • Ultrasonography.


Payment of the reservation can access the service described within three months.


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