Cataract operation with monofocal lens (one eye)


Cataract surgery is a simple procedure performed on an outpatient basis by the INOF eye doctor.

Pay a deposit of 30,00 per item
Deposit of: 30,00
Medical center / Specialist: Inof Centro de Investigación y Cirugía Ocular

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It is surgery to remove a cloudy lens (cataract) from the eye. Cataracts are removed to help you see better. The procedure almost always includes the placement of an artificial lens or intraocular lens (IOL) in the eye. If the lens is single vision, only distance vision is restored.

The normal lens of the eye is transparent (clear). As a cataract develops, the lens becomes cloudy and blocks light from entering the eye. Without enough light, you cannot see clearly.

Cataracts are painless and are seen mostly in older adults. However, sometimes, children are born with them. Cataract surgery is usually done if you cannot see well because of this problem. Cataracts generally do not harm the eye, so you and your ophthalmologist can decide if surgery is right for you.

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means you probably don’t have to stay overnight in a hospital.

Local anesthesia is applied using eye drops or an injection.

The doctor uses a microscope to examine the eye. A small cut (incision) is made in the eye and the lens is removed.

After the cataract is removed, an artificial lens, called an intraocular lens (IOL) is usually placed in the eye to restore the focusing power of the lens (cataract).

The doctor may close the incision with very small stitches. Usually, a self-sealing method (without sutures) is used. If stitches are placed, they may need to be removed later.

The surgery takes less than half an hour. Most of the time, it is only done in one eye. If you have cataracts in both eyes, your doctor may suggest that you wait 1 to 2 weeks between each surgery.


  • Reservation: 30.00 EUROS (included in the total amount)
  • Amount: 1.630,00 EUROS

Is included

  • First evaluation visit prior to the intervention. Paid with the amount of the reservation made to Privaclinic.
  • Anesthesia.
  • Clinic expenses
  • Outpatient surgical procedure
  • Postoperative visits.

It is not included

  • Study and pre-operative tests.
  • Possible complications to the contracted surgical process.
  • Need for additional surgery

Conditions of service

The payment of the reservation allows access to the service described within a period of three months.


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