What is it?
Migraine is a complex, recurrent and disabling pathology that negatively affects the quality of life of people.

There are different etiopathogenic theories of migraine, among which is histamine.

MigraTest is a test that will let you know if the cause of your migraine is due to a reduced activity of the DAO enzyme, a very frequent cause of migraine present in 95% of migraine patients.

What is the test?
The MigraTest test is based on the analysis of DAO enzyme activity through a simple blood draw.

Who is it for?
The MigraTest test is especially indicated in the case of people suffering from migraines and want to know if the origin is related to a deficit in the activity of the DAO enzyme.

The MigraTest test requires a blood sample to be performed, so it is necessary to go to one of our centers with the required documentation to perform the extraction.


Reservation: € 10 (included in the total amount).
Amount: € 65


The payment of the reservation allows access to the service described within three months.


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